POOL INFORMATION: Permits, Programs & Guidelines

The Briarcliff Pool & Tennis Permits are now on sale!
The Village of Briarcliff Manor is pleased to announce that Pool & Tennis Permits are now on sale and Opening Day for the 2021 Pool season has been rescheduled for MONDAY, May 31st, due to significant weather issues on Sunday the 30th.  Permits are required, so please plan accordingly and renew or purchase your permits as outlined below under the "PERMITS" section.  Procedures and requirements for social distancing that were implemented last season will still be in effect for 2021, unless or until such time as the Department of Health alters their required operational guidelines.  All permit holders are provided with our pool rules and our detailed Covid-19 guidelines, but here are some of the major changes you can expect ...
  • Facility capacity will be limited, and visitors will be required to adhere to social distancing guidelines, including the wearing of face coverings while in all shared public spaces and while moving around the facility.  Swimmers may not wear masks in the water, but they should still adhere to distancing recommendations and stay 6' apart from any other swimmers who are not family members.
  • All patrons will select an available, and appropriately sized "grass lounging area" for their group of family members upon arrival to the facility (we have 94 total areas available).  Masks will not be required to be worn while you are relaxing within your area, as each area is clearly delineated and separated from all other areas by a minimum of 6 feet.  These spacing buffers also serve as pathways for patrons to move about the grounds, so masks must be worn at all times that you leave your own area.
  • Facility chairs and chaise lounges will NOT be available for use this season.  Patrons are welcome to bring their own lightweight chairs for personal use within their grass lounging area.
  • The Pool concession will be open and operating under their own Health Department approved operating plan.
  • Pool rule #1 has been modified regarding the age that children can be left at the facility on their own.  For the 2021 season, all children under 13 years of age as of May 30, 2021 must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult, 18 years or older.  One adult may supervise up to 5 children under the age of 13, provided that all members of the group are situated in the same "lounging area".
  • All rules, guidelines and procedures are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the Village.  Modifications will be made as needed.
If you would like to purchase or renew your permits, please see the Pool & Tennis permit application below.  Please renew or purchase your permits by completing the permit application and returning it with payment to the Recreation Department office at 3 Library Road.  Applications can be mailed to the office, or they can be placed in our new Recreation Dropbox, located at the top of the stairs leading down to the exterior entrance to the Rec Office near the Library circle.  Patrons looking to renew permits, may also do so by calling the Recreation Office during regular business hours at 941-6560.  Phone renewals will require the use of a credit card for payment, so please remember that this method of payment carries an additional 2.5% fee.  If you need a photo ID permit card, you will be able to email us a headshot photo for use on your ID card.  If you have questions regarding permits, please call the Recreation Office at 941-6560.
POOL PROGRAMS - Registration is now open for the following programs ... please click on the program name to access the registration form!