Village Manager's Special Report 3/24/20

Village  Manager’s  Special  Report

24 March 2020


VBM Alerts and Action:



Mayor / Board of Trustees SessionsWith the acceleration of NYS and WC directives during the growing Coronavirus pandemic, we have altered our upcoming, Tuesday, 24 March, M/BOT sessions as follows:

  • The Governor has issued a series of guidelines to preclude physical meetings at a fixed location by employing state of the art IT to carry out important governmental decision-making.
  • Tonight, the M/BOT will be holding an approved teleconference session starting at 7:00 PM.  We have engaged “ZOOM” as our vendor to enable the M/BOT and various staff to participate.  The session will be recorded but not live. The recording will be uploaded to our website for future access as soon as practical.
  • You can view this session. To do so, we are including the procedures to execute prior to the start of our meeting: to join the March 24th Meeting of the Village of Briarcliff Manor Board of Trustees ...
  1. Click the Link Below. This will give you access to the meeting on a web browser. You will be able to use the CHAT function, but unable to speak or join the video portion, but will be able to hear and see the meeting live.
  2. Call into the meeting. Enter the MEETING ID, Below:
    You will only be able to listen. Questions or comments should be emailed in advance to [email protected] OR [email protected]
    (929) 205-6099 US (New York)
    Meeting ID: 491 639 420
  3. Access the meeting from the ZOOM app, use the below MEETING ID to join. You will be able to use the CHAT function, but unable to speak or join the video portion, but will be able to hear and see the meeting live. Meeting ID: 491 639 420

Re-capping previous operations and guidelines.

Village Hall Related:  VH is closed to the public but fully functional in the many levels of administrative services. Daily mail and package delivery continues without interruption. Payments on line are being accepted and the “night drop” in the VH parking lot is checked several times a day. We have separated and placed in rotation all levels of personnel to address the various directives to disperse employees. Phone inquiries are being handled routinely and we are setting up call forwarding as necessary for many employees.

The NYS Office of Court Administration (OCA) has ordered local courts (VBM’s Village Court) to close until Monday, 4 May 2020. The court continues to function normally:

  • All calls go directly to cellphones and  able to access all calls 24/7
  • Answering and dealing with all e-mail inquiries.  
  • Have notified all defendants of change in court dates based on NYSOCA directives
  • Lifted vehicle license suspensions
  • We continue to follow all NYSOCA protocols
  • Addressing and dealing with all other  court related issues

If you have any questions or need to reach the court, you may leave a voicemail at 914-944-2788.  Voicemail will be checked periodically. Please send faxes to 914-944-4007.  You may also email the court clerk at [email protected]

Dispersal of Village Personnel and Equipment. VBM Department Heads and Staff are addressing CDC requirements to provide for “social distancing” of our municipal work force. Each department has implemented phases of our contingency plans. Physical contact between and among the work force is to be minimized on a daily basis. This is especially the case where teams of employees provide various levels of daily service throughout the village let alone within our facilities. The rapid spread of the virus and guidelines to meet this challenge are changing all the time. Especially subject to ongoing orders from the Governor and/or County Executive.  

Library/Community Center and Recreation: While the Library and the William J. Vescio Community Center are both closed to the public, however the facilities are staffed with Village employees working on specific projects. We have responded to calls and e-mails. We are sending daily Monday-Friday eee-mails to the community to keep in touch, provide contact information and share helpful resources. Reminder: please remember that the Library has online music, movies and books that you can access through our website: Email [email protected] if we can be of assistance.  We request that you do not return books and other items at this time. There will be no charge on items returned after the due date.  Holds throughout the Westchester Library System have also been suspended and most other Libraries are closed.  The Recreation Department will be on site. Program cancellations are on their website and sign-ups and payments for Spring and Summer programs can be made directly over the phone or on line.

From the Recreation Department: Policies, Guidelines and Recommendations for public use of facilities and parks in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Indoor facilities are closed until further notice.  This includes the Youth Center, the Community Center, and the Recreation Department’s administrative offices. The best way to communicate with Recreation staff members is through email.  We are also still attempting to answer all calls to our office number, 941-6560, during regular business hours.
  • All Village Playgrounds are closed until further notice.  This includes the playground pieces at Law Park, Chilmark Park, Jackson Road Park and Neighborhood Park.  This measure has been enacted to help prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, and the fact that the Village can in no way guarantee the cleanliness or disinfection of outdoor play equipment on a daily & continuous basis.
  • All Village Athletic Fields are closed for Group Use until further notice.  This includes the Club Field, McCrum Field, and the playing fields at Chilmark Park and Neighborhood Park.  Use of Village fields by groups or any organization requires an approved permit – No Permits have been issued for the Spring 2020 season to date.  We are not looking to stop individuals from recreating with their family members, or a close friend or two, but pick-up games and any activities that involve a group of more than 4 people are prohibited at this time
  • All Village Parks and Trails remain open.  All parks, trails, basketball courts, platform tennis courts and tennis court #4 at Law Park remain open for “Responsible Use” by residents observing social distancing minimums recommended by the CDC, AND keeping their group size to 4 people or less.  The following recommendations should be followed by all park and trail users:
  1. Follow the CDC’s guidance on personal hygiene prior to heading out to parks or trails — wash hands, carry hand sanitizer, do not go out if you have symptoms of illness, cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, etc.
  2. Observe at all times the CDC’s minimum recommended social distancing of six feet from other people. Practice it and know what it looks like. Maintain it as you walk, bike, hike or otherwise recreate.
  3. Make sure other park visitors and trail users are aware of your presence as you pass to provide for proper distancing.  Step off trails to allow others to pass while keeping minimum distances at all times.
  4. Not all parks have public restrooms and/or drinking fountains — be prepared before you leave and time your outings so that you are not dependent on public restrooms.  Bring water or drinks, as public drinking fountains may be disabled and should not be used, even if operable.
  5. Bring a suitable trash bag. Leave no trash, take everything out to protect park workers

From the Department of Recreation and Parks:  Great things are happening!  Briarcliff Manor Senior Citizen Shopping Assistance.  The VBM normally provides a free, weekly grocery shopping trip for all interested resident Senior Citizens utilizing our 16 passenger Senior Bus.  In light of the current situation with the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, and with concern for the health and safety of our older residents, the Village's Senior Bus transportation program has now been postponed for the foreseeable future. In lieu of providing mass transportation type Senior Citizen bus service to the supermarket, we are now working to identify Senior residents who may need someone to do their essential weekly shopping for them.  As these Seniors are identified, we are pairing them up with volunteers who have already stepped forward to offer their assistance.  If you are a Senior, or you know of a Senior who could benefit from this service, please call the Recreation Department Office (914)-941-6560 between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM to request “Senior Shopping Assistance”.  You may also email Henry Jamin at [email protected] to be included as a participant or to check if any more volunteers are needed.  Thank you in advance for your assistance with this endeavor, and please feel free to share this information with anyone who may benefit!  

From the Briarcliff Chamber of Commerce.  During this difficult time, we want to lend our assistance in any way possible.  The Briarcliff Manor Chamber of Commerce remains committed to our member businesses and the support we offer you.  To keep Briarcliff and surrounding communities informed, we'd like to promote retail and restaurant member's offerings (i.e. online ordering, call ahead/pick-up in store, curbside pickup, delivery).  Please reach out to us ([email protected]) with some of the following details:  

  • Website
  • Special packages
  • Hours of Operation
  • Delivery, Curbside Pick-up, Both
  • Best way to order:
    • Online (which website)
    • Call directly (best #)
    • 3rd Party (GrubHub, Seamless, UberEats...)

The Chamber will continue to monitor this situation closely on behalf of the business community.  We continue to be available to help with any questions or concerns you may have.  Please keep us advised on how your business is being impacted. We will get through this.
Current information and pending actions are subject to change.
  Please note that all policies, guidelines and recommendations are subject to change based upon further recommendations and/or directives that may be received or passed down from the Village Board of Trustees, County/State/National governmental entities and regulatory agencies.


Philip E. Zegarelli,
Village Manager

Report 428B – 24 March 2020