Village Manager's Report 5/8/20

Village  Manager’s End-of-Week Report

Summary of Advisories and Updates

8 May 2020

First things first ...

Weather Alert.  It is crazy to see as lilacs and dogwoods start to bloom and hear today’s forecast. A cold front is edging into our region.  It looks like we should be in the southern end as it arcs through several states to our west and into upstate New York passing through New England later today.  Anticipated rain bursts are due by later afternoon.  The accompanied cold weather may trigger freezing rain and/or heavy wet snow north of Dutchess County. Bottom line is to be prepared and careful.  Spring plants that can be taken in over the night might look better inside vs outside tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow: cold in the 40s and windy.

Briarcliff Manners.  We really need to have respect for private property. I outlined a few instances and am repeating the need to respect private property. CDC standards calling for “social distancing” as we mentioned last Friday. Our parks and trails remain open for people specifically to use and enjoy. Families biking on golf course paths is not one of them. People are still not adequately picking up after their pets. Be a good neighbor and live by the “golden rule”. Respect private property. Understand that reported violations will be pursued by our Police Department (914-941-2130).

Special Events.  The Class of 2020 BHS Senior Car Parade is NOW on for Tomorrow, 9 May, SATURDAY with a 10:30 AM line-up ... rain or shineThe parade will begin at 11:00 AM.  Our PD and FD will be assisting. I have to tell you that this has now become a test of wills and resiliency not only about school spirit but Mother Nature. Briarcliff spirit and tradition does live on.

When will it be normal again?  The problem is we just do not know yet because the thresholds, restrictions and/or approvals are not in place yet... but here’s what we can say as of today:

  • Village Elections are now “set” for 15 September.  Details to follow;  
  • Westchester/Local Courts are now extended to Wednesday, 10 June,  starting with the backlog of criminal proceedings as further phase-ins court matters occur;
  • Village Facilities: Village Hall, The Youth Center, Library, Senior Programs, playgrounds/several facilities and WJV Community Center are closed. The Governor or County Executive controls the when, how and phase-in decisions.
  • Summer Camp remains a NYS/WCDOH issue. Its a “nail biter” ... not resolved before Memorial Day.     
  • Summer programs and events.  Handcuffed to the DOH and commonsense.
  • Memorial Day Ceremonies ... we are planning a modest, CDC compliant ceremony.   
  • The VBM Pool ... we will be ready to open but final permission will be a DOH decision.

Regardless ... there will be restrictions and constrictions ... and everything in-between. Change to all this is a certainty. The new normal will not be the pre-pandemic we remember.

Upcoming M/BOT Sessions.  Talk about the new normalcy ... the next session of the M/BOT is Tuesday, 19 May. Given the Coronavirus pandemic, we anticipate holding our sessions via ZOOM. We will update the links to the site next week.

Census 2020.  Keep pushing ... we are currently at 73.4%Our 2010 final count was a 77.9% return rate. We really need your help for another 2020 Census response rate push. Questions ... just visit

Tennis Courts Update.  Our Recreation Department provided an update on the status of the Village's Tennis Courts, Programs and Permit Policies.  To view this update please go to:

VBM Water Department Hydrant Flushing.  Starting Monday, 11 May, Phase Two flushing of individual hydrant areas and neighborhoods will continue. This will run from Monday, 11 May to Friday, 15 May starting at or about 9:00 AM and continuing to 4:00 PM.  Crews will flush individual hydrants during this phase in specific areas. Subject to daily events and conditions, the areas to be flushed are:

  • Long Hill Road West, from Sleepy Hollow Road to Scarborough Road and all side streets including: Cottonwood Lane, Purdy Court, Nichols Place, Holly Place, Law Road, Quinn Road, Quinn Lane, Hirst Road, Shell Bark Lane, Tanglewood Circle, Hidden Oak Road, Rosemont Lane, Admiral Wordens Lane;
  • Scarborough Station Road, River Road, Albany Post Road, and all side streets including: Linden Circle, Beechwood Way, Creighton Lane, Woodlea Lane, Country Club Lane, Country Club Lane South, Country Club Lane North, Ivanhoe Place, Union Street, Requa Street.

Because of this work, residents can expect discolored water at any time (but particularly) during the day starting from 9:00 AM and to 5:00 PM. Please understand that you may wish to alter such activities such as your laundry routine: avoiding these time periods in particular.  However, even if discolored, continuing laboratory testing has indicated that in the past the water has contained no harmful bacteria.


In the meantime ...

Tree Plantings at Law Park Play Areas.  We have proposals for replacement and expansion of tree plantings along the buffer of Pleasantville Road and the downslope areas of the Law Park Tennis Courts and playground. We hope to finalize this for a Spring planting shortly.

Scarborough Park.  The Scarborough Park lawn is growing in nicely and this weekend’s wet and cooler temperatures are (not good for us but) great for the lawn.  The temptation is great to get into the park: we have posted signs for everyone to please keep out. Reports of violations should be forwarded to the BMPD at 914-941-2130.  Let nature take its course.

Library/Community Center:  Please visit for the Library's full menu of online programs and services. Share recommendations on our Facebook page.

For Kids, Families & Teens:

  • Chat online with Ms. Amy
  • Family activities to get kids off their screens  
  • Storytime videos
  • Book Clubs, Chess and TAB continue online

    For Adults:

  • Adult Coloring and More online exhibit
  • Sharing recommendations on our Facebook page.  
  • Online art exhibit: Oils by Ken Okin
  • Poems, by Lorraine Joy McLeod
  • Remote book groups and favorite programs

    For all ages:

  • Streaming services for Movies and TV shows
  • Booklists to use with our eBook and eAudiobook collections
  • Sign up for Library cards and get reference help by emailing or, call the Library at 914-941-7072.

Please do not return items at this time.  All Westchester Library System Library buildings are closed, holds are suspended and fines are being waived.

From the Briarcliff Manor Fire Department (BMFD).  The Fire Chief would like remind you of how to safely handle and store Gasoline at Home!

Safety tips

  • Keep gasoline out of children's sight and reach. Children should never handle gasoline.
  • If a fire does start while handling gasoline, do not attempt to extinguish the fire or stop the flow of gasoline. Leave the area immediately, and call for help. DIAL 911
  • Do not use or store gasoline near possible ignition sources (i.e., electrical devices, oil- or gas-fired appliances, or any other device that contains a pilot flame or a spark).
  • Store gasoline outside the home (i.e., in a garage or lawn shed) in a tightly closed metal or plastic container approved by an independent testing laboratory or the local or state fire authorities. Never store gasoline in glass containers or non-reusable plastic containers (i.e., milk jugs).
  • Store only enough gasoline necessary to power equipment and let machinery cool before refueling it.
  • Never use gasoline inside the home or as a cleaning agent.
  • Clean up spills promptly and discard clean-up materials properly.
  • Do not smoke when handling gasoline.
  • Never use gasoline in place of kerosene.
  • Use caution when fueling automobiles. Do not get in and out of the automobile when fueling. Although rare, an electrical charge on your body could spark a fire, especially during the dry winter months.
  • Only fill portable gasoline containers outdoors. Place the container on the ground before filling and never fill containers inside a vehicle or in the bed of a pick-up truck.
  • Follow all manufacturer’s instructions when using electronic devices (those with batteries or connected to an electrical outlet) near gasoline.

You can follow us on Facebook at and on Instagram at  Consider becoming a VOLUNTEER Firefighter or EMT.  Simply click the link


It is a new world out there - a note from VBM Judge Howard Code. 

On Saturday, May 2nd, I had the privilege of conducting my first remote wedding via Zoom. The couple had previously obtained their license in mid-March, just before the shutdown, and wanted to have a ceremony within the 60-day period. Pursuant to the Governors' 4/18 Executive Order, the ceremony proceeded as follows:

  • The couple, the witnesses, and several family members and friends signed into Zoom. I was located in my Briarcliff living room with my laptop propped on a large box on my coffee table!
  • The couple, who were together in their apartment, were required to show me photo ID on their screens before the ceremony.
  • As required, the couple and both witnesses verbally confirmed that they were all standing in the State of NY.
  • Once vows were completed, they scanned the license to the witnesses, (who were together in their home in Spring Valley, NY,), both of whom signed in my view on Zoom and then scanned the license to me.
  • I thereafter signed and mailed the fully executed license to the appropriate Clerk.

There were a number of people on the computer screen, spread across the lower Hudson Valley, New York City, and Connecticut, and all enjoyed the process. The couple's 7 year old son stood between them and helped me pronounce them married!  Please go to to see a photo taken by his wife and daughter. 


The next M/BOT scheduled meeting is set for Tuesday, 19 May 2020, commencing (at this time) with a W/S at 6:00 PM followed with our BOT Meeting at 7:30 PM.  Given the current CDC-related restrictions and NYS Executive Orders in effect, it is anticipated that all sessions will be via our ZOOM connection.


All changes to this notice are subject to change and will be duly noticed to the public.



Philip E. Zegarelli,
Village Manager

Report 434 – 8 May 2020



Rain or Shine ... cold, windy or otherwise ...


Happy Mother’s Day ... !