Village Manager's Report 12/27/19

Village  Manager’s  Friday  Report

27 December 2019


From the Village Manager:   

Village offices/services through next week. We’re largely through the Christmas-Hanukkah Week ... Now on to New Year’s week:

30 December,       Monday: Full services with all offices open.

31 December,       Tuesday: Last day to pay second half VBM taxes in person. Full services with all offices open.  Our Library will be closing at 5:00 PM. 

1 January,              Wednesday: New Year’s Day ... again, no administrative services including no valet parking: all offices and Library are closed. 2020 parking permits required at Scarborough Railroad Station.

2 January,              Thursday: all services and offices are open and in effect. Wednesday’s and Thursday’s garbage collection is combined and East Side Re-cycling will be made. All Village offices open.

3 January,              Friday: everything back to normal (or as best as possible).


Alert ... NYSDOT /// Route 9A Road Work.  Please be advised that the NYSDOT has notified us that they will be resuming the repair of the guiderails on Route 9A tomorrow, Saturday, 28 December starting at 7:00 AM and ending 3:00 PM.  Weather conditions govern all work. Because of the scope and nature of the repair/replacement work, the inner lanes, in both directions, will be closed. Only the outer lanes of Route 9A in both directions will be open.  Please take notice, adjust your travel plans and timing and ... drive carefully. We believe this is only a short term / first step of the road improvements.

Downtown Central Business District. (CBD) Look ahead and reserve some time to attend our second Streetscape presentation. A meeting has been set for Monday, 13 January 2020, at 7:00 PM at the WJV Community Center. Come and see the M/BOT’s long range capital improvement plan for our downtown. See the attached flyer.

M/BOT Call for Volunteers !

  • 2020 Full Census Count Committee.  Mayor Vescio has established an Ad Hoc Committee to focus on a “full count for Briarcliff” during the upcoming 2020 Census timeframe.  The census count is the linch-pin for many important social and “dollar” aspects of Village government, including, but not limited to, WC sales tax distribution, Federal and NYS grants, as well as how various allocations of social programs to Public Works type of funding programs are determined. The NYCDEP even uses the census when they calculate the population factor of our NYC water purchases. This is a purely volunteer driven effort and if you are interested in serving, please contact us.
  • Library Board of Trustees.  With the retirement of both Steven Mastrocola as President/Trustee and Jeffery Robins as Trustee (thanks to both), two Board seats are now open.  If you are interested in serving on the Library Board, please contact us.  It goes without saying that our Library and extensive programs offers a “be active” through a very rewarding opportunity to serve VBM.

“The Manor of Speaking”.  We recently unveiled Briarcliff’s redesigned and expanded quarterly newsletter highlighting many stories and timely items in a whole new format.   Just go to  


VBM Departmental Reports.

From the Village Clerk.  Applications for the 2020 Scarborough Station Parking are being processed and permits have been mailed out. We added the 2020 holiday (with No Valet Service dates) schedule to the permits.  Time is running out.  New 2020 Scarborough Railroad Station enforcement begins Wednesday, 1 January 2020.

From the Department of Public Works (DPW).

  • We will be ending our BULK leaf pickup on Tuesday, 31 December.   
  • Starting 1 January 2020 residents will need to BAG their leaves or have their landscapers bring BULK leaves (with a note of from the resident) to DPW. 
  • Christmas trees, bagged leaves and brush will be picked up on your recycle Wednesday for the month of January.
  • NO organic waste pick up from 1 February to 1 April.

From the Village Treasurer. Your second half VBM tax bill has a 1 December 2019 due date but payable by Tuesday, 31 December 2019 without penalty.  The second half “bill” was mailed in May when you received the original. If you have any questions, you can go online or call our Tax Department at 944-2723. Please note that your payment must have a USPO postmark of NLT 31 December 2019. If you deposit your payment (no cash please) in the VH parking lot night deposit box, do so before Midnight since the box will be secured.

From the Building and Engineering Department.   N2R

From the Library and Community Center. Our Winter program booklet is out!  Please visit or stop in the Library for a copy.


  • Exhibit-Photographs by Michael Liebman. Month of December.

December is “Write a Letter to a Friend Month.” Drop-in a take a moment to craft a handwritten note for someone special. Month of December.

From the VBM Police Department.  Free Resident Alert System.  Our new emergency notification system is live. This system offers residents the opportunity to receive instant updates during disasters or other emergencies. Simply sign up by texting 10510 to 888777 from your cellular phone or by signing up at to receive real-time alerts.  Once registered, users have the option to add additional locations from which they may receive notifications.

From the VBM PD PBA: Holiday Drives.   The VBM PD and PBA wishes to thank you for all your gifts and donations ... it was a great success.

From the Briarcliff Manor Fire Department (BMFD).  The Fire Chief would like to share the following Safety Tips regarding Winter Storms.  Winter storms can happen almost anywhere.  They can cause us problems.  Know what to do before, during and after a storm.  This will help keep you and your family safe from a Winter fire.

  • Test all smoke alarms. Do this at least once a month. This way you will know they are working. Install carbon monoxide alarms in your home. Test the alarms.
  • Plan two ways out of the home in case of an emergency. Clear driveway and front walkway of ice and snow. This will provide easy access to your home.
  • Make sure your house number can be seen from the street. If you need help, firefighters will be able to find your home.
  • Be ready in case the power goes out. Have flashlights on hand. Also have battery-powered lighting and fresh batteries. Never use candles.
  • Stay informed of pending Winter weather. Listen to the television or radio for updates. Watch for bulletins online.
  • Check on neighbors and others who may need help (especially the elderly).
  • Generators should be used outdoors. Keep them away from windows and doors. Do not run a generator inside your garage, even if the door is open.
  • DIAL 911 immediately to report downed wires and remain indoors.
  • Be prepared if the heat stops working, use extra layers of clothes and blankets to stay warm.
  • If you use an emergency heat source, keep anything that can burn at least 3 feet away.  Turn portable heaters off when you leave the room or when you go to bed.  Never leave them unattended.

You can follow us on Facebook and on Instagram at

Consider becoming a VOLUNTEER Firefighter or EMT.  Simply click the link behalf of the Fire Chiefs and all the Members of the Briarcliff Manor Fire Department we wish you and your family joy, health and happiness in the New Year - 2020!

From Recreation and Parks. 

·  The Recreation Department’s Winter Program Brochure is available on the Village website at Winter program registration is underway so take a look and see if there’s a program you’d like to try in the New Year!  Resolution season is coming …

· The Law Park Ice Rink will be back on tennis court #4 at Law Park soon!  Information regarding the upcoming season of our natural freeze rink is available in the Winter Brochure and is also posted under its own tab on the Recreation page of the Village website at  Seasonal passes are still just $5 for Village residents and $10 for school district residents.  Once we have ice, you can even rent the rink for a private skating party if you’d like!  Contact the Recreation Department at 941-6560 if you have any questions.

·  Platform Tennis Update:  All players are reminded to support the program and get your permits!  Players are welcome and encouraged to purchase or renew their permits by calling the Recreation Office at 941-6560.

·  Stay informed … subscribe to our “Recreation News” e-mail notification system available through the Village website.  In addition to announcing new offerings, we use the system to keep you informed of such things as upcoming registration dates, deadlines, cancellation announcements and community special events.  It’s easy: go to, access the Recreation page, and click on the “Subscribe to News” link to register.  If you do not have access to a computer and would like information mailed to you, just call the Recreation office at 941-6560 and we will be happy to send you what you need.


Our Greater Briarcliff Manor Community.

Phelps Memorial Hospital Center (PMHC).  PMHC Healthy Life offers the community a wide range of programs on health-related subjects as well as numerous health screenings and support groups.  All events are free and take place on the Phelps campus, 701 N. Broadway in Sleepy Hollow unless otherwise noted.  Coming up soon is:

  • Thursday, 2 & 16 January – Bereavement Support Group.  Functional Medicine Program is a holistic, patient-centered approach to preventing, treating, and reversing chronic disease by identifying and understanding the root causes of the individual’s symptoms and conditions, including genetic predispositions, environmental contributors, and lifestyle factors. This event will be held at 9:00 AM at 755 Building, 4th floor. For more information or to register call  914-366-3937 or email
  • Wednesday, 15 January - Functional Medicine.  Functional Medicine Program is a holistic, patient-centered approach to preventing, treating, and reversing chronic disease by identifying and understanding the root causes of the individual’s symptoms and conditions, including genetic predispositions, environmental contributors, and lifestyle factors. This event will be held at 9:00 AM at 755 Building, 4th floor. For more information or to register call 914-366-3937 or email
  • Tuesday, 28 January - Parkinson's Support Group.  Patients with Parkinson’s disease are invited to this free support group to meet and share their experiences and knowledge with others. We understand that if you or a loved one has Parkinson’s disease, it can affect many lives. Please join to receive education and information from our expert clinicians.  Get the emotional support you need from others and learn more about treatment options to help alleviate symptoms and increase the quality of your life. The group meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month in the 755 Building, on the 4th floor  at 2:30 PM. For more information, call 914-366-3937 or send an email to



The next M/BOT W/S is Tuesday, 7 January 2020, at 6:00 PM followed by the BOT Meeting

at 7:30 PM. All meetings are held at the WJV Community Center.


Philip E. Zegarelli,
Village Manager

Report 415C– 27 December 2019