Village Manager's Report 11/8/2019

Village  Manager’s  Friday  Letter

8 November 2019

From the Village Manager:  

On a you really need to know this basis ...

TONIGHT ... at 7:00 PM ... the Harlem Magic Masters return to Briarcliff for another wonderful fundraising Basketball Event! Come to the Briarcliff High School Gym and enjoy the great play and funny routines of the Magic Masters as they take on BRIARCLIFF RESIDENTS and LOCAL TALENT.  The special half time show will give kids a chance to get out on the court and enjoy the humor of the Magic Masters with tricks and giveaways.  Don't be late!  Tip-off at 7:00 PM - doors open at 6:00 PM, so get there early to get your seats: tickets are $20.00. ALL proceeds go toward Briarcliff Rotary High School Scholarships and other charities and organizations supported by the Rotary Club of Briarcliff Manor.

Monday, 11 November 2019, is Veterans Day, a national holiday.  All Village offices will be closed including the Library. There will be no Valet Parking at our Scarborough Station.  However, Monday’s regular garbage collection will be made.

Pocantico River Bridge. Water proofing completed, wing walls and associated foundation components have been poured and Con Ed is on site completing critical gas main linages and interconnections. Looking for Con Ed to complete their work today. Thereafter, back filling to grade, pouring of bridge curbs and sidewalks precedes bridge paving prior to Thanksgiving with both lanes open as well as Todd Lane and Ash Road. While Con Ed’s work continues, cleanup of riverbed and embankments underway. Depending on weather additional work continues or may be deferred to Spring 2020: new sidewalks, curb replacement as well as milling of the bridge surface with asphault top coat. Replanting and other seasonally oriented work continues all while the Route 100 bridge railings are rehabilitated and painted.

Law Park Drainage Basin (LPDB).  The Law Park Pond dredging project is in hibernation. Clean-up of area in anticipation of the Winter is underway. Dewatering of the sediment continues into Spring 2020: full restoration and dealing with the invasive reeds/cattails along the shoreline resumes.

Route 9A x 100 Bridge / Route 9A x North State Road.

From the NYSDOT. We met with the NYSDOT on Monday to review and discuss our concerns regarding Route 9A and Route 100 throughout the VBM as well as separate issues of the intersection of Route 9A and North State Road and the status of the Route 100 bridge railings and their rehabilitation.  We are awaiting commentary and information back from this meeting. A separate meeting at the WC Office Building with State, County, local officials and DOT representatives followed on Wednesday ... all oriented on the Village’s initiative for a safer Route 9A.

Sidewalk and Wall Rehabilitation @ CSI. N/C. 

Con Ed Issues/Requests: Requests for updates and comments from previous meetings are awaiting.

UV (Delaware) Connection / Route 9A x Route 100-C Project (Elmsford).  Agreement between WCDEF and NYCDEP for final connection of our UV (Delaware) Connection - procedures for activation: bracketing the Thanksgiving weekend. “Test-pits” work on Old Saw Mill River Road are underway. Relocation of Con Ed’s gas mains remain a problem since our 30” water transmission main serving 35K consumers in VBM, VSH and VTT need to be relocated (all at NYSDOT cost).

B- Zone ... Traffic Counts. Traffic survey at critical street and intersection sites have ended.  We are awaiting the results and cumulative data analysis of this important study.

VBM Code and Regulation Update. 

The M/BOT extended the previous Public Hearing to Repeal and Replace Chapter 179 with Chapter 125, Garbage Collection and Recycling and then carried it over to our 19 November meeting. For information/updates, go to

The M/BOT recently enacted several updates to existing or entirely new local laws including Film and Photography, Littering and Handbills, Peddling and Soliciting, Parking, Property Maintenance, Fireworks, ZBA and Planning Notifications, Tennis and Sports Courts, Swimming Pools, Noise and Solar Energy Collectors.

Remember ... All residents and parties of interest are encouraged to attend our Public Hearings to share your thoughts, concerns and recommend changes to these proposed codes/laws. Share your thoughts directly by emailing

VBM Departmental Reports.

From the Building and Engineering Department.  The Club’s Planning Board application for a change in the current approved Cell Tree on-site location is set for Thursday, 14 November.

From the Village Clerk.  Applications are being accepted for the 2020 Scarborough Station Parking.  Permits will be distributed the week of 2 December.  We will be adding the 2020 holiday (No Valet Service) schedule to the permits ... we anticipate that all second permit requests will be addressed during the second week of December.

From the Department of Public Works. 

Lawn Sprinklers.  Last time Reminder ... as you prepare for winterizing your lawn sprinkler layout, be sure they are fully drained.  Have your plumber pump air through the lines to push out any water laying in low of the system.  Have this done with the “saddle” or hub for your various lines.  Any Winter freeze can cause costly water line breaks: especially water loss until you get the Spring quarterly water bill.

VBM’s Leaf Collection continues at an accelerated pace.  The two zones have 2 teams: the Westside from the Hudson River to Law Road and the Eastside from Neighborhood Park center to the Dalmeny Road area.  Be advised that no leaves should be placed on the roadway or on sidewalks.  Violations will be issued by the Building Department for such infractions. 

Remember that brush and branches should be bundled and tied in a separate pile from the leaves. We cannot predict when we will be on a certain road as it is governed by the piles placed.  Residents are asked not to call DPW to find out when we will be there. 

From the Briarcliff Manor Police Department.  Last mention ... the Police Department will be launching a “SecureCam” Program which will encourage both private residents and commercial businesses to register their security cameras with the Police Department.  Participation in the program is voluntary and free, but by registering, Detectives can expedite their investigations.  If interested, please contact the Detective Division at 941-2130.

From the Briarcliff Manor Fire Department (BMFD).  The Fire Chief would like to share some Safety Tips to help you prepare for the Winter Season.  It’s not too early to begin preparing for the heating season.  Check these 10 tips off your list and get ahead of the winter freeze.

Our furnace has been inspected and serviced by a qualified professional during the last 12 months.  A furnace should be serviced at least once a year.

Our chimneys and vents have been cleaned and inspected by a qualified professional.  I have checked for creosote built-up.  Not cleaning your chimney is the leading cause of chimney fires from built up creosote.  This service needs to be done at least once a year.

Our wood for our fireplace or wood stove is dry, seasoned wood.

Our fireplace screen is metal or heat-tempered glass, in good condition and secure in its position in front of the fireplace.

We have a covered metal container ready to use to dispose cooled ashes. The ash container should be kept at least 10 feet from the home and any nearby buildings.

Our children know to stay at least 3 feet away from the fireplace, wood/pellet stove, oil stove or other space heaters.

Our portable space heaters have an automatic shut-off.

Our portable space heaters will be plugged directly into an outlet (not an extension cord) and placed at least three feet from anything that can burn; like bedding, paper, walls, and even people.  Place notes throughout your home to remind you to turn off portable heaters when you leave a room or go to bed.

We have tested our smoke alarms and made sure they are working.  You need smoke alarms on every level of the home, inside each sleeping room and outside each separate sleeping area.  For the best protection, the smoke alarms should be interconnected so when one sounds, they all sound.

We have tested our carbon monoxide alarms and made sure they are working.  Carbon monoxide alarms should be located outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home.

You can follow us on Facebook and on Instagram at  Consider becoming a VOLUNTEER Firefighter or EMT.  Simply click the link

From the Library and Community Center.  We will be open our usual hours this weekend, Saturday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Sunday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  However, we will be closed Monday in observance of Veteran’s Day. Please visit us online for e-resources at


Casual Chess Club (3rd – 6th graders), Tuesdays, through 26 November at 5:00 – 6:00 PM. Contact Amy Kaplan at or call the Library at 941-7072.

Family Movie Night: TOY STORY 4, Saturday, 9 November, at 6:30 PM.  Watch this new-to-DVD release on our big screen.  Feel free to bring your own snacks to eat while you watch the film.  No registration is required.


Jigsaw Puzzle- When was the last time you worked on a jigsaw puzzle? Drop-in and help put one together. Month of November.

Understanding Your Social Security Retirement Benefits.  Friday, 15 November, 1:00 – 2:30 PM.  This presentation will discuss the legal and financial considerations to be made when deciding to take your Social Security Benefits and emphasize the importance of proper timing. 

Exhibit- Camera Club of Westchester. Month of November.  Reception Saturday, 16 November, 2:30 PM.

Young Washington: How Wilderness and War Forged America's Founding Father.  Sunday, 17 November, 2:00 – 3:30 PM.  Author Peter Stark will discuss his book on the formative years of George Washington.  Signed copies of the book will be for sale with 10% of the proceeds going to The Friends of the Briarcliff Manor Public Library.  This program is cosponsored with the Briarcliff Manor-Scarborough Historical Society.

From Recreation and Parks.

Platform Tennis Update:  Both of our courts are open.  The courts feature a new blue/green color scheme and all screens have been tightened to proper tension.  Reservation sheets are available on our website.  All players are reminded to support the program and get your permits!  Players are welcome and encouraged to purchase or renew their permits by calling the Recreation Office at 941-6560.  This is a great year to give this wonderful cool weather sport a try! 

Tennis Update:  The outdoor tennis season isn’t quite over yet!  We are going to attempt to leave our clay courts open into early November this year, so please enjoy them while the weather permits!

Stay informed … subscribe to our “Recreation News” e-mail notification system available through the Village website.  In addition to announcing new offerings, we use the system to keep you informed of such things as upcoming registration dates, deadlines, cancellation announcements and community special events.  It’s easy: go to, access the Recreation page, and click on the “Subscribe to News” link to register. If you do not have access to a computer and would like information mailed to you, just call the Recreation office at 941-6560 and we will be happy to send you what you need.

From our Greater Briarcliff Manor Community.

From the Briarcliff Manor Rotary Club.  If you are looking to give service above self, both locally and globally, the Briarcliff Manor Rotary Club is for you.  We meet every Friday at 12:15 PM at the Briars Restaurant, 512 North State Road.  You will meet interesting neighbors, hear interesting speakers, network and “do good in the world”.  For more information, please contact Rachel Leihbacher at (914) 557-5453, or visit

Phelps Memorial Hospital Center (PMHC). PMHC Healthy Life offers the community a wide range of programs on health-related subjects as well as numerous health screenings and support groups. All events are free and take place on the Phelps campus, 701 N. Broadway in Sleepy Hollow unless otherwise noted. Coming up soon are:

Basic Life Support Courses.  13 & 19 November.  The American Heart Association holds Basic Life Support (BLS) for members of the community.  Class sizes are limited to 8 students, registration is required.  All courses will be held in the C-Level Classroom, 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM and are a $70 fee (includes textbook).  Please call 914-366-3166 to reserve a spot.

Functional Medicine.  Wednesday, 20 November.  Functional Medicine Program is a holistic, patient-centered approach to preventing, treating, and reversing chronic disease by identifying and understanding the root causes of the individual’s symptoms and conditions, including genetic predispositions, environmental contributors, and lifestyle factors. This event will be held at 9:00 AM at 755 Building, 4th floor.  For more information or to register call 914-366-3937 or email

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the M/BOT will be held on Tuesday, 19 November, with a W/S at 6:00 PM and M/BOT session at 7:30 PM.

All meetings are held at the WJV Community Center.

Philip E. Zegarelli,
Village Manager

Report 408 – 8 November 2019


So what’s the best way to enjoy Veteran’s Day ...

... Thank a Veteran for their service !