Village Manager's Alert 12/24/19 Follow Up

Village  Manager’s  Alert  Follow-Up.

24 December 2019

From the Village Manager:  

Both of yesterday’s water main breaks were repaired and fully operational by approximately 9:30 PM last night. We sent out a NIXLE blast to that effect. The leak on Old Briarcliff Road at Central Drive was a circular crack and relatively easier to repair. The Long Hill Road break was lateral requiring 5 feet of 8-inch pipe in a very narrow and difficult location.  We estimate that 500K+ gals of water was lost. DPW is repairing the drainage swales this AM. Wherever possible, we work under “positive pressure”: the area is then fully and extensively flushed until clear and chlorinated until a chlorine residual was maintained.

Things to remember and consider: 

  • Because both breaks were on near opposite ends of the Village’s system, the water main breaks stirred up the common sediments already within the system causing “turbidity”. Your water may be cloudy ... but safe: if you have cloudy water, run your incoming water for a few minutes at a faucet closest to where your water service enters your home ... until clear. Thereafter clear your system at other water discharge locations.  Check ice makers and tap that bottom faucet in your hot water heater to flush out sediment (which you should do 2X’s a year anyway).
  • During this time of year (and the early Spring) the soil freezes and thaws repeatedly causing significant heaving below surface.  The pressure on our water distribution system (especially the older cast iron pipes) can cause leaks and breaks.  We believe this heaving was a major factor in yesterday’s breaks. SO ... if you see water leaking to the surface and/or flowing from an unusual location, report it to the VBM-PD (914-941-2130) and/or the DPW (914-941-9105). Water Department personnel are on call.
  • Lastly, with our NIXLE system up and running, everyone should sign up for important NIXLE announcements ... Text 10510 to 888777 from your cell phone or register at  Join now! 


Philip E. Zegarelli,
Village Manager

Report 415B– 24 December 2019

Once again ...

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!