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Village Manager's Special Interim Report 6/12/17
Special Interim Report
COB – Monday, 12 June 2017

Updates from the Village Manager.       
March/Protest Notice.  The group, “Briarcliff-Ossining Indivisible”, has organized a public protest and march focused on the potential financial consequences on local tax revenues from the Trump National and Sleepy Hollow Country Club’s tax certioraris. Contrary to a flurry of inaccurate fliers and internet postings, the protest/march is set for Wednesday, 14 June, from approximately 6:30 to 8:00 PM. There is no provision or approval for other times or dates. Therefore, in order to provide for the good order, safety and movement of traffic for the Village, the following road closures and/or limited use are to be in effect on Wednesday, 14 June, from 6:00 PM until approximately 9:00 PM:

Dalmeny Road – from Poplar Road to approximately Cherry Hill Court.
South bound lane will be open on a periodic basis.

Please note that the current arrangement is subject to change and you are asked to abide by lawful police detours or other adjustments as necessary.  On street parking is extremely limited and people are urged to park on Van Lu Van Road or other public areas, as available and walk on the sidewalks to the designated protest area.  

From VBM Mayor Lori A. Sullivan: VBM support for Private Golf Course Valuation Reform.
“While the Board will not participate in any rally or event that could be seen as a political rally regardless of the "heading" attached, we are committed to participating in furthering the process that will ensure a fair property assessment of our private golf courses.  The reality is that our Village has two private golf courses that have tax certioraris filed, and protest against one would seem politically selective.  We are a non-partisan Village that allows us all to work together as residents without political agenda.”

“We as a Village are working with the Town and School District to seek legislation concerning the methodology of valuation for private golf courses and will continue to work towards requiring a fair and equitable assessment and valuation while continuing to protect our residents.  We have, as of this date, voluntarily contributed to the cost of obtaining alternative methodology valuations pro rata to our share of the property taxes and have passed a resolution (see below, in full) supporting Assemblywoman Galef’s efforts in considering legislation that would clarify the proper methodology of valuation statewide for uniform application by the Courts.”

“The Village is watching the process closely and remains an active participant and will continue to keep our eyes on the status as the Town of Ossining navigates the legal process.”

Village of Briarcliff Manor
Board of Trustees Agenda
7 June 2017


WHEREAS, it has recently been reported that NYS Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, chair of the Assembly Committee on Real Property Taxation, has been considering means by which to reform the current private golf-course valuation process; and

WHEREAS, Assemblywoman Galef has indicated a willingness to consider a financial model that takes in to account club revenue with emphasis on a golf club’s catering halls, membership fees, fitness clubs and auxiliary buildings; and

WHEREAS, the Village of Briarcliff Manor is home to two private golf clubs which are both pursuing tax certiorari proceedings in an effort to lower their respective valuations and reduce their real property tax assessments and payments; and

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees does hereby support the efforts of Assemblywoman Galef as noted above, and authorizes the Village Manager to send a letter of support to her for her efforts in considering a more even-handed approach to the valuation of private golf clubs for real property tax assessment purposes, along with a copy of this resolution.

On motion and second: 5-0

Right of Way (ROW) and sign postings.  Please be reminded that the posting of “lawn signs” and other advertisements in the VBM ROW is prohibited and subject to removal/collection. Yes, this goes for realtor and for sale signs, landscaping and paving ads too. The ROW on average is about 10 feet from the pavement edge on each side of the public roads.  Another way of judging the ROW is to note the location of public utility poles and our fire hydrants which are within the VBM’s ROW. Taping signs on street light poles or nailing signs to telephone poles and trees are not permitted. If you wish to post signs, do so clearly/safely on your own property. The Village reserves the right to pick up and dispose of the signs. We attempt to deposit those professionally produced signs behind VH for your own retrieval.

Town of Ossining (TOS) Assessment Notices.  The TOS Assessor recently mailed letters to TOS home owners with revised property assessments for the forthcoming Town assessment roll.  Since the TOS assessment revaluation, which brought the tax roll to 100%, the TOS intends to keep the values at 100% or Market Rate.~ There can be adjustments annually.  This is a TOS Assessor’s action and responsibility: the VBM has no role in this procedure.  Please also understand that if you disagree with your (new) full market value estimate, you are entitled to change your assessment through the Road of Assessment Review from 1 June through Tuesday, 20 June 2017.  Grievance applications (form RP-524) are available on the TOS’s website at or by visiting their offices at 16 Croton Avenue, Ossining. Any questions should be directed to the Town Assessor’s office 914-762-8274.

Philip E. Zegarelli,
Village Manager

Report 282A – 12 June 2017[copy text from your word processing document and paste it here]

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